Nickelback concert Brussels 2013

We can list lauds of reasons why it is worth to visit Brussels, even only for a couple days. Beautiful, traditional buildings, interesting museums, incredibly delicious chocolates and other experiences welcome visitors. Brussels is the center of the European Union and the NATO too, because of that there are several government buildings here, but naturally there are museums and famous statues, for example the Manneken Pis here. Besides the lots of program and attractions, famous people visit Brussels too, and give hilarious concerts here. Our next article gives you more information about the Canadian rock band, the Nickelback’s concert.

The Nickelback was founded in 1995 and nowadays they are still the most famous Canadian band. The group’s members are Chad Kroeger who sings and guitars, Michael Kroeger, who bass guitars, Ryan Peake, who guitars too and vocals and Daniel Adair who is the drummer after Brandon Kroeger, since 2005. The Nickelback is successful for almost twenty years. During this time they made several great albums, and the perfect summary was the Greatest Hits double album in 2012, which includes the band’s history perfectly. The band will start a worldwide tour from 2013 autumn, and during the tour they will visit the European metropolises, for example the capital of Belgium, Brussels too.

Do not think too much; buy your ticket today for the Canadian Nickelback’s concert, so at 21 November 2013 you could have a fantastic concert experience at the Avenue du Globelaam 36 in Brussels. Have fun!

Nickelback concert
November 21st

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Nickelback concert Brussels 2013