Restaurants in BrusselsWhen you come to Brussels you might wonder what to eat, and where to eat while in town. Others keep on asking what to drink. The most important to understand is that when in Brussels there are certain foods, drinks and restaurant worth visiting, and here we try to describe some of the best places to taste and enjoy authentic Belgian cuisine and of course some restaurants with more international food.

The Belgian beer is very famous, so make sure to ask for Belgian beer when in restaurants. During your stay in Brussels you also need to eat waffles with strawberries, Nutella, whipped cream and other toppings 3-4 times, but this you can buy as you walk along the street, and not so much in the different restaurants.

The Belgian cuisine is full of seafood and other delicious food. If you want the best of the best while in Brussels, do not forget to visit Comme Chez Soi, a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

Restaurants in Brussels