Just between Brussels and Bruges you will find magical Ghent. The city is a pearl worth visiting with some magnificent architecture, lots of people in the streets, some amazing churches, good waffles, interesting festivals and more. The most important festival of the city is the Ghent-festival. Every year the city with a population of 250,000 inhabitants gets invaded by many more, meaning that a total of approximately 2 million people visit this festival.

The most important attractions in Ghent are: Gravensteen castle, Saint Bavo Cathedral, Saint-Nicholas Church and Belfry.

If you are in a hurry a day trip to Ghent can be combined with a day trip to Bruges as well. When arriving to Ghent with a train you will find instructions/signs outside the station where to go to catch the tram from the train station to the city center. If you walk, it will take a long time to get to the center.

Weather in Ghent

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Pictures from Ghent

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