Grote Markt

The most famous and for sure the nicest of all attractions in Brussels is the Grote Markt, the main square, also known as Grand-Place. This square is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO since 1988. At the square you can find the City Hall, the Breadhouse (Maison du Roi) and several other guildhalls. In 1965 the square was attacked by French soldiers leading to the destruction of almost the entire square. Since then the buildings have been reconstructed and the result can be seen visiting Brussels today.

The square has a total size of 68×110 meter, and it is crowded with people from early morning until late at night. In the weekend weddings are often held in the city hall. The square is at its most beautiful every year in August. A large flower carpet is then placed in the middle of the square (24×77 meter). This has been a tradition since 1971 and is a great thing to see.

The nearest metro station to Grote Markt is Bourse/Beurs.

Grote Markt pictures