Charleroi to Brussels

Charleroi Airport

More and more travelers arrive with low-cost carriers to the Charleroi Airport a good distance outside Brussels. It is not a large airport, but it works nicely and it is a piece of cake to get to Brussels from the airport, at least if you follow our advice.

After arrival, pick up your luggage, walk to the outside of the terminal, and look to the right. There you will find an express bus leaving from the airport to Brussels every 30 minutes. The bus ticket costs about 20 Euro per person and the bus will take you to the Midi Station in the center of Brussels. The bus back to Charleroi Airport leaves from the same location in Brussels as where you arrived on your trip from Charleroi to Brussels.

At the Midi Station, you can take the metro to whatever destination you would like in Brussels. If you want to travel to some other destination in Belgium that can also be done from here using the railway system.

Would you rather travel by taxi from Charleroi to Brussels?

It is possible to book a private driver to pick you up at Charleroi and then drive you directly to your hotel or apartment in Brussels (or elsewhere in Belgium). Would you like to check how much it costs and maybe book a taxi? Fill in the forms below to find out how much a transfer between Charleroi and Brussels will cost.

A little advice:

Plan plenty of time for your return bus transfer to the airport. The Midi Station in Brussels is enormous, so it might take some time to get from the metro to the location from where the bus leaves. When it comes to flights leaving on time, traffic delays and so on it is always useful to calculate 30 minutes more, just to be sure.

Charleroi Airport

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