Antwerpen is known for its harbour (even though it is quite far away from the sea) and for its diamonds. So if you are in love with diamonds and like to sing about how “diamonds are a girls best friend”, then you might want to sing about how “Antwerpen is a girls best friend” as well. As you arrive with train you will find quite a lot of diamond shops just across the street, and as you pass by them and walk on you will within a short time get to the shopping area of Antwerpen.

Antwerpen has a population a bit under 500,000 people making it the largest city in all of Belgium (Brussels is though larger if you include the entire Brussels region).

In Antwerpen there are modern shops, a nice main square, some nice churches and an old fortress down by the river. All in all a nice city, though we would prefer both Ghent and Bruges to Antwerpen.

Weather in Antwerpen

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Pictures from Antwerpen

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