After walking in Brussels for one day you might end up with a feeling that there are no fashion stores at all in the center. But, you should not be fooled by the first impression. The shops exist and there are several good places to go shopping in Brussels.

Galerie Royales de Saint-Hubert

Galerie Saint Hubert in BrusselsThis is maybe the coolest place to go shopping in Brussels. Galerie Royales de Saint-Hubert is very close to the Grote Markt and it is a covered shopping street. Thus the place is a beautiful shopping street with roof above, and here you can buy souvenirs, chocolate and similar Belgian objects. But, if you look for H&M, Zara and other fashion stores you better go to Rue Neuve instead.

Rue Neuve

Rue Neuve in BrusselsJust a few blocks from the Grote Markt you can find the real shopping street of Brussels, Rue Neuve. Here you can find shops such as Zara, H&M, C&A and other famous brands existing in all other shopping streets of Europe as well. The nearest metro station is De Brouckere, and while walking through Rue Neuve, why not buy some Belgian waffles to gain new strength before the next shop.


Just one corner from the Grote Markt (main square) you can find Agora. It is a big center, but it feels small with lots of shops on the inside where you can buy perfume, leather, clothes and other similar products. It is much cheaper than the fashion stores and if is cold on the outside, or raining (see: climate), Agora is a nice place to visit.


For those who come to Brussels looking for the very exclusive shops such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Carlier, Eric Lompard and Armani, the place to visit is Waterloolaan. Travel with the metro to the station Louise and from there walk to the Waterloolan street. Here the mentioned shops and many others can be found.

Before Christmas there are several Christmas markets and great Christmas atmosphere in the area around the Stock building (Beurse) and Grote Markt, so do not miss out on this are before Christmas.

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