Climate in Brussels

According to the official information about Brussels and Belgium has a typical sea climate. The information coming now might sound depressing, but do not fear! Brussels has around 200 days with rain a year. That means it rains more than every second day a year, quite hard to digest. But, there are umbrellas around in every shop, so in case you have forgotten yours at home, you can get a new one in Brussels. The rain is usual, but snow is not at all normal. In general it snows one or two days every year.

In January and February the average temperature is around 3-4 degrees, and then it reaches the top in July and August with an average temperature around 17-18 degrees.

Experienced travellers know that statistics and predictions are not what matters before visiting a city, but what matters is the actual weather they get as they come to town. If you wonder what the weather is supposed to be like in Brussels in the coming days, check the weather forecast beneath this text.

Weather forecast for Brussels


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