Chocolate tour in BrusselsBelgium is a chocolate nation, and most of us have tasted the typical white chocolate from Belgium, often in the shape of a sea shell. Chocolate from Belgium is though much more than white chocolate formed as sea shells. As you visit Brussels you will see chocolate shops on every street corner, and a typical offer is to get 5-6 boxes of chocolate for a price between 10 and 15 Euros. A place with several such shops are located between the Grote Markt and Manneken Pis. In the more exclusive chocolate shops you buy pralines from boxes and select yourself.

For those who want to buy a traditional bar of chocolate the most famous brand is Corte D¨Or . When starting to visit the more luxurious brands you will find Leonidas, Godiva and Neuhaus to be among the best. They use high quality cacao beans and they are experts in producing high quality chocolates at a high speed. If you are a chocolate lover, you have something to look forward to.

Among the many museums in Brussels you can also find a chocolate museum where you will get to know more about the chocolate production and Belgian chocolate itself.

If you want to join an organised chocolate tour, visit Viator.

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