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Brussels Marathon 2024

Are you ready to discover the city of Brussels while running a marathon? Do you have a bucket list on which running a marathon is a task you still haven’t completed? Why not register for the Brussels marathon and combine a beautiful city with an amazing running experience?

The inaugural Brussels Marathon took place on May 14, 2004, marking the beginning of an annual event that has since become a highlight in the international running calendar. A marathon was arranged in Brussels already in 1984, but it didn’t become a permanent and annual event before 2004.

Over the years, the marathon route has undergone some variations, with organizers occasionally tweaking the course to provide participants with fresh and diverse running experiences. While the start and finish lines often remain consistent, the route may incorporate different neighborhoods, landmarks, and scenic areas of Brussels.

One of the unique aspects of the Brussels Marathon is the opportunity it offers runners to take in the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Participants are treated to views of iconic landmarks such as the Atomium, the Grand Place, and the European Parliament buildings, creating a captivating backdrop that adds to the event’s allure. The dynamic route ensures that runners challenge themselves physically and enjoy a visually stimulating journey through the heart of Brussels, making the marathon a memorable and culturally enriching experience for all involved.

Brussels Marathon 2024

Date: September 29, 2024

Even though the name of the event is Brussels Marathon, there are other running competitions during the marathon weekend. As a result, it is worth coming to Brussels this weekend, because you can also run other distances such as a half-marathon, or 10k, and there are special running competitions for kids.

If you plan on running the marathon, your goal should be to finish the race within 5 hours because that is the time in which you can run the full distance without worrying about traffic.

What is the route for the Brussels Marathon?

There are changes to the route regularly, so check the official website for 100% updated information. For a long time, the event started near Atomium, but in 2023, the starting point for the running competitions was moved to Place de Brouckère. The finish line for the marathon was at the King Baudouin Stadium. Below you can see a map presenting the 2023 marathon route.

brussels marathon

As you can see from the map, you will see lots of famous Brussels attractions if you decide to run the Brussels marathon.

Are there any good hotels or apartments in central Brussels?

The marathon weekend is extremely busy in Brussels as more than 10,000 people participate in the marathon competitions. You should reserve your hotel room or apartment as quickly as possible. Below you can see a map presenting different accommodation options in Brussels, both cheap and expensive options.


You can zoom out if you want to see even more accommodation options.

Can you recommend some other programs for my trip to Brussels?

Are you coming to Brussels for the first time? You will see a lot during the marathon, but you should return to many of the places to see them in a more relaxed tempo. Atomium is a fantastic attraction that gives you a great view, while Mini-Europa is a wonderful way to see famous buildings and areas from all across Europe in a miniature world. Since you come to run a marathon in Brussels, you are probably fit and taking good care of your health, but after running that long distance, you for serve deserve to eat lots of Belgian chocolate, a tasty waffle, followed by some cold Belgian beer.

If you want to read about ongoing programs, festivals, concerts, or other events in Brussels, take a look at our Brussels calendar.

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