Bruges, or Brugge, is the most beautiful city in Belgium, at least according to a large amount of locals and tourists. Because of that many people would rather recommend Bruges over Brussels. The historical center of the city is on the World Heritage Site list of UNESCO, and the historical center on the list covers an area of 430 hectare. The city has more than 100,000 citizens and it is often named the Venice of the Northern Europe.

If you travel to Bruges with train it can be useful to take the bus to the city center to save some time. If you plan on walking you should prepare yourself for at least a 20-25 minute walk. When you finally arrive to the historical center the atmosphere of the city makes it so special. At the main square it is packed with people throughout the entire year and at warm summer days it gets a bit to crowded.

The most important attraction in Bruges is the so called clock-tower form the 13th century. If you would like to get a foretaste of what waits for you in Bruges, the film “In Bruges” is worth seeing. Do not miss out on this beautiful city while in Brussels and in Belgium.

Weather in Bruges

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Pictures from Bruges

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