Green Day concert in Brussels 2017

On February 2nd, only 12 days before Valentines day the legendary punk band Green Day will come to Brussels. Do you want to be there at the concert?

Green Day concert in BrusselsGreen Day will be on a big tour in Europe in the start of 2017, but as they will come to Brussels on February 2nd they for sure know that the tour is soon to be finished. This is the second last concert and on February 3rd the Green Day tour in Europe in 2017 will be finished as Green Day travel to Paris to perform and play in the AccorHotels Arena.

But, why travel to Paris on February 3rd when you can listen to Green Day in Brussels on February 2nd? The Green Day concert in Brussels will be arranged in Forest National and it is supposed to start around 19.00. That is a great chance to listen to Billy Joe and the other guys, and maybe they will even play Basket Case (a song that would make us really happy at least).

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Green Day concert in Brussels

Februar 2nd, 19.00
Forest National

Do you have some spare time left in Brussels? Make sure to visit the beautiful attractions of the city, and visit Mini-Europa to travel all across Europe simply by visiting a little park in Brussels! You can read more about all these places and lots of other Brussels programs here in our Brussels Guide.

Mariah Carey in Brussels

Mariah CareyIn March 2016 Mariah Carey will perform in Forest National in Brussels. This fantastic singer released her new album named #1 To Infinity in 2015 and she will for sure sing the best and most famous songs from this album combined with earlier hits on this concert.

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If you want to give another present to someone, then why not buy the latest Mariah Carey album on and listen to it a lot of times so you know all the songs by heart as Mariah Carey comes to Brussels?

Enjoy the concert and if you want to know more about Brussels look around here in our Brussels Guide!

James Blunt Brussels concert 2014

James Blunt BrusselsOn the second day of April the singer that brings lots of warmth to the hearts of his listeners will come to Brussels. James Blunt is the guy, and do not be surprised if the venue will be packed when this loverboy comes to town, he is very popular!

Even though Amsterdam is near Brussels, there is a big time gap between the James Blunt concert in Amsterdam and the one in Brussels. He will perform in Amsterdam exactly one month before the Brussels concert, meaning that he will enter the stage in the Heineken Music Hall on March 2nd, while he will walk unto the stage in Forest National one month later, at April 2nd.

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Rufus Wainwright Brussels concert 2014

Rufus WainwrightOn March 12th it is time for a real circus in the venue named Royal Circus. That is when the amazing singer Rufus Wainwright will come to Brussels to perform and sing in a way that will bring goose bumps to your skin.

It is no secret that many girls have a good eye to Rufus Wainwright, but that only gives men a reason to come and join their ladies for this concert. So, go ahead and grab yourself some good tickets for this Rufus Wainwright concert in Brussels on March 12th. It will be one great concert event, so should not miss out on it!


Ellie Goulding Brussels concert 2014

Want to celebrate Valentines Day with a special concert in Brussels? Then you should come to Forest National on February 14th, because that is when Ellie Goulding will come to perform.

Ellie has released several albums and is for sure at the top of her career at the moment. If you want to be there at her Brussels concert, buy your tickets using the ticket link further down on this page. Enjoy the concert and the city of Brussels. And while in town, make sure to check out all the beautiful attractions and churches in Brussels!

Ellie Goulding Brussels