Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Brussels it the official palace of the Belgian king. This is not his residence, but it is used as the palace where the King exercises his prerogatives as Head of State. This is also the location he receives important national and international guests.

The oldest parts of the palace left today are from the 18th century. But, the royal palace as we see it today has been built on the foundation of a much older palace formerly standing at the same place, dating back to early Middle Age.

In the most busy summer months the palace is opened up to guests, so even though you can not meet the king himself, it is worth dropping by. Entrance is free in this period.

On the other side of the street of the Royal Palace you can find the Brussels park, with nice fountains and a peaceful green area in the center of Brussels. A nice place to relax before you walk on towards for example the EU Parliament.

The Royal Palace of Brussels

Place des Palais – 1000 Brussels
Metro: Troon (not very close)

Pictures of the Royal Palace