To and from Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport

Most of the larger airlines (also known as the expensive airlines) travel to Brussels Airport (not Charleroi). The low-cost carriers like WizzAir, RyanAir, and Easyjet fly to Charleroi, while Lufthansa, British Airways and so on come to Brussels Airport. This airport is located only 12 kilometers from Brussels making it one of the most central airports in the world. As you arrive at Brussels Airport there are several ways of getting to the city center, and here you can find some of them.

From Brussels Airport by train

There is a railway station at the airport, and the trains leave from here to several large cities in Belgium every hour. This makes it ideal for traveling to either Brussels or to other destinations in Belgium.

Travel from Brussels Airport by taxi.

There are taxis waiting outside the terminal taking you to the city center for approximately 50 Euro. You should though be aware of the fact that there are unlicensed taxis waiting as well, and entering the wrong taxi might make you have to pay more. You can pre-book an airport transfer with a set price from Brussels Airport by filling in the forms below.

Travel from Brussels Airport by bus.

Several options exist for those wanting to travel by bus from the airport to the center. With bus 12 and 21 you can travel to a station in the vicinity of the EU Parliament and the Luxembourg Garden. This is probably one of the cheapest ways of getting to the city center. For more information, visit

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