Anderlecht vs Manchester United [Europe League quarter-final]

On April 13th Manchester United will come to Brussels to play against Anderlecht in the first of two matches between the teams in the Europe League quarter final. Can the team from Brussels stop the super stars in Manchester United?

Belgian football is on the move and this year there are two Belgian teams in the Europe League quarter finals. Not only will Anderlecht play against Manchester United on April 13th, but on the same day Genk will play against Celta Vigo (in Spain). The return match will be played in Genk on April 20th, so if you want to watch the match as well, then you will be pleased to hear that Genk is less than 100km from Brussels, which means you can be there in about 1 hour if you drive quickly.

Anderlecht vs Manchester United
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The match between Anderlecht and Manchester United will start at 21.05 on April 13th, and if you want to be there, then you can buy tickets for the match from Viagogo. If you feel more than satisfied just watching the match on your computer, on your Apple TV, on your Chromecast or maybe on your mobile device, then you can do so on Fubo TV. To find out more about how you can watch the Europe League matches on Fubo TV, just press the link.

Can Anderlecht beat Manchester United?

The answer to that question is without a doubt yes! Manchester United is a great team, but so is Anderlecht, and will not be surprised if this match will end with a 2-1 win for Anderlecht. That might not be the best result, based on the upcoming match on Old Trafford on April 20th, but it will still give them a fair chance. All we have to say is Go Anderlecht, and of course… go Genk!

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Coldplay concerts in Brussels 2017

During the Coldplay tour in 2017 Brussels is one of the cities the band will visit. But, Brussels will not only get one Coldplay concert in 2017, the city will get two Coldplay concerts in 2017.

Coldplay will do a giant tour in 2017 on which they will visit several continents and big cities all around the globe. They will also visit several cities in Europe on their tour and luckily Brussels is on the list.  The two Coldplay concerts in Brussels will be arranged on June 21st and June 22nd and the venue for the concerts is the giant King Baudouin Stadium which has capacity for around 80,000 people. This stadium is not used frequently for concerts, but this summer it will be used for the Coldplay concerts and also for U2 which will perform at the same arena on August 1st in 2017.

Both the Coldplay concerts in Brussels will start at 19.00 and if you want to buy tickets for the events then you can do so using the link further down.

Coldplay concerts in Brussels 2017
Coldplay concerts in Brussels 2017

Coldplay concerts in Brussels 2017

King Baudouin Stadium
June 21st and 22nd, 19.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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U2 concert in Brussels

The last U2 concert in Europe during the Joshua Tree tour in 2017 will be arranged in Brussels. Are you going to be there for the U2 concert in Brussels?

The Joshua Tree tour is going to be a fantastic U2 tour in 2017. It starts in Vancouver in May, arrives in Europe on July 8th when they will perform at the Twickenham Stadiun in London and it will reach an end as U2 leaves the stage in Brussels on August 1st. Now, there might be added a plus concert with U2 on August 2nd, but based on the current planning there will be one concert in Brussels at the King Baudouin stadium at August 1st.

There are lots of cities in which a second concert has been added, for example in London, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, but so far we do not know of such a concert in Brussels. That is why it is important to hurry up so that you will be sure to have a ticket for the last U2 concert in Europe on August 1st in 2017.

The U2 concert in Brussels will start at 18.30. The stadium itself is not frequently used for concerts, but U2 have been there and performed there three times before. In addition to U2 The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Madonna, Mylène Farmer, Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé, One Direction and Johnny Hallyday have also performed at the stadium.

Would you like to be there at the U2 concert in Brussels on August 1st? Buy tickets using the link beneath. There you can also find tickets for the rest of the U2 concerts in Europe in 2017.

U2 concert in Brussels in 2017
U2 concert in Brussels in 2017

U2 concert in Brussels in 2017

King Baudouin Stadium
August 1st, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

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Andre Rieu concert on January 8th

Did you know that Andre Rieu will perform in Brussels on January 8th in 2017. It can almost be called a New Years concert. You are hereby invited!

The Andre Rieu concert in Brussels will be arrange din Palais 12 on January 8th. The concert itself will start at 20.00, but if you are a fan you better be there earlier to be able to sit down and relax before the star himself will enter the scene together with his orchestra.

Andre Rieu concert in BrusselsAndre Rieu is the creator and founder of the Johan Strauss Orchestra, and he is not only a great musician… he is also a leadership guy who knows how to motivate the people around him. If you have seen Andre Rieu on stage before you also know that he has a great humor and that such a concert is just as much a stand-up comedy show as it is a nice classical concert.

Would you like to be there at the Andre Rieu concert in Brussels on January 8th? You can buy your tickets for the event using the link beneath. It is worth knowing that once Andre Rieu leave Belgium after the concert in January 8th he will travel to Germany where he will perform in lots of cities for quite a long time. He will visit Erfurt, Stuttgart, Munchen, Hannover, Dortmund, Mannheim, Nurnberg, Frankfurt, Kiel and then Cologne before he will leave Germany and travel on to perform in Paris in France.

Would you like to buy tickets for these Andre Rieu concerts? Use the link beneath!

Andre Rieu concert in Brussels in 2017

Venue: Palais 12
Time: 20.00, January 8th

Tickets: Viagogo

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Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen in 2017

Unfortunately Depeche Mode will skip Brussels during their 2017 tour in Europe, but luckily they will at least visit Antwerpen. The Depeche Mode concert will be arranged May 9th and start at 18.30.

The Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen in 2017 will be one of the first concerts during their big tour in Europe in 2017. This tour is arranged as a release tour for their new album named Spirit which is to be released sometime during the spring of 2017. Before Depeche Mode will come to Belgium and to Antwerpen on May 9th they will perform in Stockholm on May 5th and in Amsterdam on May 7th. The concert in Antwerpen will therefore be the third Depeche Mode concert in Europe in 2017 and you better be there if you are a Depeche Mode fan.

If you are visiting Brussels and would like to travel to Antwerpen that can easily be done. If you jump on a train you will find yourself in the city of Antwerpen in about one hour. The concert venue in Antwerpen will be Sportpaleis which is one of the most popular of all concerts venues in Europe. There will of course not be around 80,000 people at the Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen as the venue doesn’t have space for so many people, but it will still be a great event.

Depeche Mode will later perform at the Olympic Stadium in London, the Olympic Stadium in Rome and at Stade de France in Paris, and at those concerts one can expect as many as 80,000 people to be present!

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Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen

Date: May 9th, 18.30
Venue: Sportpaleis

Tickets: Viagogo

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