What’s happening?

Would you like to know what’s happening in Brussels? The list below gives you information about upcoming events, festivals, concerts, markets, sports events, marathons, and other things taking place in the capital of Belgium.

Brussels is a vibrant city in which there are lots of things happening throughout the year. We are incapable of featuring every single concert and event in Brussels in our guide, but we will try to write about the biggest and most important happenings.

Are you curious to learn more about the traditional Christmas markets in Brussels? When are they opening? When are they closing? Where are they located? Or does it sound cool to run a marathon in the Belgian capital? Or are you wondering about whether or not Coldplay or some other cool band will play in Brussels in the near future? It is worth knowing that many famous artists often go to Antwerpen instead of Belgium, but from time to time, there are big hotshots coming to Brussels as well!

Below you can find a list of upcoming events in Brussels!

Upcoming events in Brussels.

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