Comme Chez Soi

Comme Chez Soi is the restaurant above all restaurants in Brussels. It is known as the restaurant with three Michelin stars. That is only partly true as the restaurant currently only has two stars, but for a long, long time the restaurant had three stars. The restaurant first opened in 1926. Later it moved to Brussels and got its first Michelin star in 1953. In 1966 it received two stars and in 1979 it got its third star. In 2006 the restaurant got a new chef, and then they automatically lost one of their stars, making it now a two star Michelin restaurant.

If you want to taste some of the best food available in Brussels, visit Comme Chez Soi. The name of the restaurant means “just like home”, so hopefully you will get food just like home, and maybe even better.

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Comme Chez Soi

Place Rouppe 23 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Metro: Anneessens

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