Rihanna Antwerpen 2013

On June 5th in 2013 Rihanna will come to Belgium, but not to Brussels. The diva and amazing singer will perform in the 4th most popular concert venue in the world, in the Sportpaleis in Antwerpen. This is only an hour from Brussels, so why not combine a Brussels holiday with this amazing concert in Antwerpen?

The Rihanna concert in Antwerpen will start at 20.30 and tickets to the concert can be ordered from the sites on this page. If you lover Rihannas music and rhythms, then this is the place to be in June 2013, so order your flight tickets, book your hotel in Brussels, prepare to eat a lot of waffles and chocolate and be ready to sing along!

Rihanna Antwerpen 2013
June 5th, 20.30

Tickets: ViagogoSeatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

Rihanna concert in Antwerpen
Rihanna concert in Antwerpen

Pink Antwerpen 2013

We are a Brussels Guide, but whoever knows the music industry and life in Belgium knows the fact that the hottest concerts in the nation are normally organized in Antwerpen. The venue Sportpaleis is listed among the five busiest concert venues in the world at the moment and this time the venue will be visited by Pink. The date is April 30th in 2013, so quite far away still, but you better be prepared and order your ticket if you want to be there, because it will for sure be packed and crowded with fans… and let us not forget – sold out, within shortly.

Tickets to the Pink concert in Antwerpen can be bought using the links on this page, and if you visit any of those pages you can also buy tickets to the other Pink concerts in other European cities in 2013, such as Vienna, Oslo, Prague, Paris, London, Dublin and lots of other.

Pink was born in 1979 and she has always had a great talent. She knows how to play the piano, keyboards, drums and guitar, but still we know her first of all as a singer. Her public career started in 1995. First she was a member of the girl group Choice, but her real super breakthrough came as she went solo and released her first album in year 2000. Since then she has released 6 studio albums. The last album was released on September 18th in 2012 (order it from amazon.com). The title was The Truth About Love. Pink for sure knows something about love, and much more now than some years ago, because after she released her Greatest Hits So Far album in 2010 she had a break to give birth to her son Willow, and after a childbirth one do know a whole lot more about love. If this has influenced her as a performer we do not know yet, but it is great to have examples of women who take a break and enjoy the wonders of family life at the same time as she is one of the hottest artists in the world at the moment. Go for it!

If you want to see P!nk in Antwerpen on April 30th in 2013, then plan your stay, and do not forget to visit Brussels as well while in Belgium. If you would like to see Pink once more in 2013, why not visit Amsterdam to be there at the Pink concert in Ziggodome on April 19th?

Pink Antwerpen 2013

April 30th

Tickets: Seatwave.com – WorldTicketShop – Viagogo

Pink Belgium 2013

Mark Knopfler Brussels 2013

Mark Knopfler Antwerpen 2013Mark Knopfler will as many other artists skip a concert in Brussels while in Belgium, but he will do a concert in Antwerpen instead. So, forget about chocolate and waffles in Brussels, and head to Antwerpen for diamonds and a very cool concert instead.

Mark Knopfler is a legendary guitarist, and by many considering to be one of the leading guitarists in the world. He was born in Glasgow in Scotland in 1949, and has for a long time been the leading figure of Dire Straits. For a while he has now been going solo, and he has done so with a great success. During his tour in 2013 he will visit lots of cities, of course his hometown Glasgow, and also cities such as Berlin, Prague, London and lots of other places. And when he comes to Belgium, he will visit Antwerpen. If you would like to be there at the Mark Knopfler concert in Antwerpen you can buy tickets using the links on this page. At those pages you can also buy tickets to all the other Mark Knopfler concerts in 2013.

The venue for the Mark Knopfler concert is Sportpaleis Antwerp which is the fourth most popular concert venue in the world. You would maybe think that Brussels would be a more popular city, but the fact is that Antwerpen is a super popular concert city, and it is easy to get there for people from all over Europe, and also for those coming on a visit from Holland, and thus the Sportpaleis turns into such a popular venue.

If you want to listen to Mark Knopfler as he comes in 2013, you are hereby invited!

Mark Knopfler Antwerpen 2013

Sportpaleis Antwerp
May 12th, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop – Seatwave.comViagogo

Justin Bieber Belgium 2013

Justin Bieber concert in AntwerpenJustin Bieber is coming to Belgium in 2013, but not to Brussels, but rather to the popular concert city Antwerpen. This city has the venue Sportpaleis which is the fourth most popular concert venue in the world, according to statistics from 2012, and we are sure that this concert will pack the venue and maybe turn into the concert event of the year in 2013. It will for sure be full of teenager girls all dreaming of one day turning into the princess next to Justin Bieber, and though that may not happen, who knows, maybe Justin Bieber will meet the princess of his dreams in Antwerpen?

The story of Justin Bieber himself is not the normal one either, as he was just a simple guy singing in front of his computer until someone saw his talent from the videos at YouTube, and later turned Justin into a superstar. Great story, and not a joke… Justin really turned into a star in that way.

If you want to be there in Sportpaleis in Antwerpen as he comes to Belgium on April 10th in 2013, you better hurry up and buy your Justin Bieber tickets today. You can buy tickets from the two links further down on this page.

Justin Bieber Antwerpen 2013

April 10th

Tickets: Seatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

If you want to hear Justin Bieber in Barcelona or maybe Vienna in addition to the concert in Antwerpen, you can buy tickets to those concerts as well from the links further up!