Justin Bieber Belgium 2013

Justin Bieber concert in Antwerpen

Justin Bieber concert in AntwerpenJustin Bieber is coming to Belgium in 2013, but not to Brussels, but rather to the popular concert city Antwerpen. This city has the venue Sportpaleis which is the fourth most popular concert venue in the world, according to statistics from 2012, and we are sure that this concert will pack the venue and maybe turn into the concert event of the year in 2013. It will for sure be full of teenager girls all dreaming of one day turning into the princess next to Justin Bieber, and though that may not happen, who knows, maybe Justin Bieber will meet the princess of his dreams in Antwerpen?

The story of Justin Bieber himself is not the normal one either, as he was just a simple guy singing in front of his computer until someone saw his talent from the videos at YouTube, and later turned Justin into a superstar. Great story, and not a joke… Justin really turned into a star in that way.

If you want to be there in Sportpaleis in Antwerpen as he comes to Belgium on April 10th in 2013, you better hurry up and buy your Justin Bieber tickets today. You can buy tickets from the two links further down on this page.

Justin Bieber Antwerpen 2013

April 10th

Tickets: Seatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

If you want to hear Justin Bieber in Barcelona or maybe Vienna in addition to the concert in Antwerpen, you can buy tickets to those concerts as well from the links further up!

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