Lord of The Dance Brussels 2012

Lord of the Dance Brussels 2012

Lord of the Dance Brussels 2012

A few years ago there was a guy somewhere in Ireland whose talent and creativity amazed people everywhere. Michael Flatley was born in Ireland and his incredible dance helped him soon to the top. He had the fastest leg ever been in the dance world, he could even make some music with his famous steps and his dance show Lord of the dance becoming one of the most well-known and acknowledged show internationally. Unfortunately his tours with his team many years after ended, because his leg was out of steps because of his age. However, the audience still not forget the passion and enjoyment that they felt so with Michael’s approval the show continued without him.

Now the Company returns to Brussels on the 4th of December at Forest National, to give a shocking experience for everyone who choose to watch it. The story is based on Irish folklore, on the classic tale of Good fighting with the Evil. It is about a Little Spirit who travels through time to help the Lord of the Dance protect his people from the challenge of the Dark Lord. As the evil dark power challenges the hero, the incredible adventure continues, drawing it’s audience into a mythical universe of love, danger, and desire.

Of course now it is not the same experience because Michael has already left the company but it has some benefits. New generation brings new moment and passion, also they can renew the show with modern XXI. Centuries elements and now I am not talking about the choreography but about technical elements for example: lights, and stage. Maybe you can even feel yourself in Ireland as well during the show.

Lord of the Dance Brussels 2012

Forsest National
December 4th

Tickets: ViagogoSeatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

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