Which is the best beer in Belgium?

Chimay BeerIn this article you can read about the best beers you can try during a holiday in Belgium. Belgium is famous for the various beers you can find there.

The strongest Belgian beer is the Bush Beer. The Bush Beer has a lovely golden brown colour and an earthy aroma. It is more like a barely wine and the alcohol strength of the original one is around 12%, quite similar to the strongest beer produced in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The other popular beer in Belgium is Chimay which is produced in the southern part of the country by Trappist monks. Chimay is considered as one of the best beers of the world. The alcohol content of the beer is between 6.5% (Blond) and 8.5% (Bruin).

The third beer of the our list is the Leffe. Leffe is another popular Belgian beer which comes in two varieties. Leffe Blond is a light beer and it has a slight orangey flavour and the other type of Leffe is the Leffe Brune which is a dark beer and has an aromatic taste. The Leffe Blond has 6.6% alcohol content and the Brune has 6.5%. Apart from these beers there are plenty other beers to try in Belgium which are as good as the three from our list.

If you want to know more about beers in Belgium and Brussels, then maybe the beer museum or a beer walk could be the thing for you?

Who will broadacst FiFA 2014 in Belgium, and how to watch it online?

That is a very good question. As you might know Belgium is a nation with two official languages, and so there are two channels that will broadcast from the World Cup. One of the channels is RTBF and the other channel is VRT. You will for sure be able to watch at least one of these in your hotel room, so that should be no problem. If not, just leave the hotel and find a pub and drink so Belgian beer, and you will be able to watch the matches all across Brussels.

If you would rather watch the FIFA 2014 World Cup online, then you can do so either at the websites of the TV channels. You will need a Belgian IP address to watch those streams, but if you prefer an English commentator, then you can watch the World Cup online on both ITV and BBC in the UK using a VPN provider. Read more about watching the World Cup online on ITV and BBC from abroad in the linked articles.

And if you have some spartetime in between the different matches, why not join in on a Brussels Beer Tour?

By the way, Belgium will play against Algerie on June 17th, face Russia on June 22nd and then South Korea on June 26th. Hopefully that will not be the last match for Belgium during the World Cup. For further schedule, visit watchworldcup.net.

The best five star hotel in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is often visited by officials, business men, families and couples taking some days off, enjoying the city of Brussels as tourists. Where should one stay when coming to Brussels? Which is the best five star hotel in town?

There are more than 10 five star hotels in Brussels, so there are quite some of them to choose between. That makes the decision easier than in a city like Paris where you have more than 40 hotels to choose from. What is important to know before you book your five star hotel in Brussels is that quite a lot of the five star hotels in Brussels are located quite far outside the inner center of the city. In our eyes a great hotel has a great location, and that is why quite some of the hotels are already disqualified before the article was started.

There are for sure many hotels that we could describe as the best five star hotel in Brussels, but to make it short… the winner is:

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

There are three five star hotels in the inner town of Brussels, near the Grote Markt; Le Meridien, Royal Windsor and of course, Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo. Of these hotels we believe that Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo is the best option. It is ideal that once you leave the hotel, you are in the middle of the town and you can easily go shopping, visit a bar or travel on with public transportation.  The restaurant Bocconi which is a part of the hotel serves delicious Italian and Mediterranean food. The design is beautiful and from the roof of the hotel you can enjoy a beautiful view, especially by night. Unfortunately they charge you heavily for using the wireless Internet, but there has got to be some negatives about all hotels.

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo
Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

As you understand this is a wonderful five star hotel. The service is also great!

Check it out, but if you would rather stay in another five star hotel in the very center with free wireless Internet, go for Windsor Royal instead. You can of course check the prices of both hotels, and then book a room in the cheapest one!