Which is the best beer in Belgium?

Chimay Beer

Chimay BeerIn this article you can read about the best beers you can try during a holiday in Belgium. Belgium is famous for the various beers you can find there.

The strongest Belgian beer is the Bush Beer. The Bush Beer has a lovely golden brown colour and an earthy aroma. It is more like a barely wine and the alcohol strength of the original one is around 12%, quite similar to the strongest beer produced in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The other popular beer in Belgium is Chimay which is produced in the southern part of the country by Trappist monks. Chimay is considered as one of the best beers of the world. The alcohol content of the beer is between 6.5% (Blond) and 8.5% (Bruin).

The third beer of the our list is the Leffe. Leffe is another popular Belgian beer which comes in two varieties. Leffe Blond is a light beer and it has a slight orangey flavour and the other type of Leffe is the Leffe Brune which is a dark beer and has an aromatic taste. The Leffe Blond has 6.6% alcohol content and the Brune has 6.5%. Apart from these beers there are plenty other beers to try in Belgium which are as good as the three from our list.

If you want to know more about beers in Belgium and Brussels, then maybe the beer museum or a beer walk could be the thing for you?

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