Beer tasting tour

Belgian beer tourAre you ready for five hours of beer tasting in Brussels? Join in on the beer tasting tour and get to know more about the famous Belgian brewed beer and taste the finest examples of it.

This tour is arranged with a maximum of 20 participants. During the trip you will be able to taste among others Lambic, Chimay Triple, Faro, Orval, Adelardus Brune, Malheur Blonde, Bourgogne de Flanders, IV Seasons and an example of the excellent Trappist beer. In addition to drinking, you will also visit a brewery to hear more about the beer production in Belgium.

In addition to the eight beers you will taste along the way, you will also get some small samples of Belgian chocolate, some ham and some cheese.

If you think this sounds cool, join in on a beer tasting tour in Brussels.

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