Anderlecht vs Manchester United [Europe League quarter-final]

On April 13th Manchester United will come to Brussels to play against Anderlecht in the first of two matches between the teams in the Europe League quarter final. Can the team from Brussels stop the super stars in Manchester United?

Belgian football is on the move and this year there are two Belgian teams in the Europe League quarter finals. Not only will Anderlecht play against Manchester United on April 13th, but on the same day Genk will play against Celta Vigo (in Spain). The return match will be played in Genk on April 20th, so if you want to watch the match as well, then you will be pleased to hear that Genk is less than 100km from Brussels, which means you can be there in about 1 hour if you drive quickly.

Anderlecht vs Manchester United
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The match between Anderlecht and Manchester United will start at 21.05 on April 13th, and if you want to be there, then you can buy tickets for the match from Viagogo. If you feel more than satisfied just watching the match on your computer, on your Apple TV, on your Chromecast or maybe on your mobile device, then you can do so on Fubo TV. To find out more about how you can watch the Europe League matches on Fubo TV, just press the link.

Can Anderlecht beat Manchester United?

The answer to that question is without a doubt yes! Manchester United is a great team, but so is Anderlecht, and will not be surprised if this match will end with a 2-1 win for Anderlecht. That might not be the best result, based on the upcoming match on Old Trafford on April 20th, but it will still give them a fair chance. All we have to say is Go Anderlecht, and of course… go Genk!

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