Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen in 2017


Unfortunately Depeche Mode will skip Brussels during their 2017 tour in Europe, but luckily they will at least visit Antwerpen. The Depeche Mode concert will be arranged May 9th and start at 18.30.

The Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen in 2017 will be one of the first concerts during their big tour in Europe in 2017. This tour is arranged as a release tour for their new album named Spirit which is to be released sometime during the spring of 2017. Before Depeche Mode will come to Belgium and to Antwerpen on May 9th they will perform in Stockholm on May 5th and in Amsterdam on May 7th. The concert in Antwerpen will therefore be the third Depeche Mode concert in Europe in 2017 and you better be there if you are a Depeche Mode fan.

If you are visiting Brussels and would like to travel to Antwerpen that can easily be done. If you jump on a train you will find yourself in the city of Antwerpen in about one hour. The concert venue in Antwerpen will be Sportpaleis which is one of the most popular of all concerts venues in Europe. There will of course not be around 80,000 people at the Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen as the venue doesn’t have space for so many people, but it will still be a great event.

Depeche Mode will later perform at the Olympic Stadium in London, the Olympic Stadium in Rome and at Stade de France in Paris, and at those concerts one can expect as many as 80,000 people to be present!

Avis De Miranda /

Depeche Mode concert in Antwerpen

Date: May 9th, 18.30
Venue: Sportpaleis

Tickets: Viagogo

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