Robbie Williams concert in Brussels 2013

Still there are people who haven’t got time to think about their summer programs. If you one of them, we have a great idea for you!

NATO center, European Commission, European Council, European Parliament. What is the common between these public institutions? The answer is simple: these are all located in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. But of course, there are more, than these institutions in this wonderful city, for example historical attractions, like the Maneken Pis, namely the famous statue, the Peeing Boy, moreover great culinary, the Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, the good taste Belgian beers and the atmosphere from Brussels’ street. Moreover those, who will choose Brussels in 2013 summer, not only get the city’s beauty and magic, but they would be a part of a fantastic concert experience, because Robbie Williams will visit this city too during his European concerts.

We don’t have to introduce Robbie Williams. The famous singer was born in 1974 in England, as the son of Peter and Jan Williams. The world met his name as one member of the Take That boy band. He left the group in 1995 and started a solo career. However initially there were lots of up and downs in Williams’ life, because he was at drug and alcohol rehab not just once; nowadays it seems the “daredevil” calmed down. He lives in happy marriage and her first child was born lately.

If you want to see Robbie Williams live, do not miss the singer’s hilarious concert at 3 August 2013 at the Avenue de Marathon 135/2 in Brussels. Have fun!

Robbie Williams
King Baudouin Stadium
Tickets: Viagogo