Katie Melua Brussels concert 2014

Katie Melua

Katie Meluail 20On the 11th of April in 2014 the beautiful singer Katie Melua will come to Brussels. This will be one of the highlights of the year as the 1984 singer will come to Royal Circusand perform and sing there.

Katie Melua is partly Georgian and partly British. She lived six years in the Northern Ireland before she finally moved to the UK at an age of 14. Now she is a world star and one of the most popular singers on the globe at the moment.

In 2014 she will come to Brussels to perform and we have great expectations to this concert. If you want to be there so that you can listen to Katie Melua and sing along on your favorite songs, then buy your tickets to the concert using the link further down on the page.

Katie Melua Brussels

Royal Circus
April 11th, 20.00


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