Christmas market

Before Chrismas tourists starts traveling again after a long and boring November, and this is good for everyone, for the locals living of tourism, and for the tourists getting some new impulses before Christmas.

Brussels Christmas marketThe Christmas market in Brussels has for a long time been hidden a bit behind famous Christmas markets such as the one in Vienna and maybe also in Budapest. But, things are about to change, because the Christmas fair in Brussels is by many said to be the most original and best market in all of Europe.

The Christmas market in Brussels is not just located at one place, but it is stretching out on an area of 2km. The center of the market is probably at the Grote Markt, but then it goes all the way towards the Place St. Catherine, Bourse and Marché aux Poissons (fishmarket). In these areas you will be able to shop in more than 250 chalets, families can enjoy the giant wheel and people with some more energy can go ice skating at the ice rink.

As you understand there are plenty of things to do once you come to Brussels to enjoy the annual Christmas market, so make sure not to miss out on this one and as you plan where you are to go for pre-Christmas next year, do not forget to throw a paper with Brussels in the hat!

Christmas market dates

The Christmas market in Brussels normally open in the very end of November every year. However, the Christmas market lasts for a longer time than elsewhere in Europe, because in Brussels the Christmas market is open all the way until some days into January. That means that those coming to celebrate New Years Eve in Brussels can go shopping at the Brussels Christmas fair also in the first days of January. For exact Christmas market dates, read our newest and most updated articles about the Christmas fair in Brussels.

Brussels Christmas market news

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