Ommegang Festival

If you’re visiting Belgium and someone mentions the Ommegang Festival, it’s like talking about a big, historical party that happens in Brussels. Here’s a simple explanation to help you understand what it’s all about.

The Ommegang Festival is a special event that takes place in Brussels. It’s not just any regular festival; it’s a celebration that brings history to life. Picture this: people dressed in fancy, old-fashioned clothes, as they stepped out of a storybook. That’s what you’ll see at the Ommegang Festival. There’s a grand parade where actors and performers wear traditional costumes from the past. It’s like a colorful history lesson happening right in the streets.

The Ommegang Festival is all about celebrating important moments from a long time ago. The parade tells stories about kings, queens, knights, and other interesting characters from history. It’s like going back in time and seeing the past come alive.

Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic event? Are you ready to celebrate the Ommegang Festival in Brussels? Below you can find the dates for the event this year.

Ommegang Festival 2024

Dates: July 3 and July 5
Location: Grote Markt

Would you like to see a little bit of what the festival is about? Look at the teaser for a previously arranged Ommegang festival below.

This is one of many festivals in Brussels during the summer. Would you like to read about other events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and happenings in Brussels? You can find lots of information in our Brussels Guide.

Some pictures from Ommegang.


Jul 03 - 05 2024


All Day


Grote Markt
Grote Markt

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