Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition 2014

The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will show the tragical history of the famous ship in a new and different way to the audience. The exhibition will be held in Belgium and it is concentrating to show the lives of the Belgian passengers on board the Titanic.
Titanic exhibition

Visitors will have the chance to have an inside look in the 27 Belgian passengers lives and to get to know their dreams, their plans and the reasons they got on board. It is the perfect chance to discover Titanic and the passengers history. The exhibition will show the 27 Belgians complete and full story for the first time what they dreams were, how they ended up on the board of Titanic and who survived the tragedy. This exhibition will presents the authentic artifacts from the wreck of Titanic for the first time in Belgium.

Among the remaining objects the porcelains with the logo of White Star Line and the delicate perfumes and the several other artifacts from the ship will bring to life all the lost and survived passengers and the Titanic one more time during the time of the exhibition. The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition takes place from 31st May until 30th November 2014. The exhibition takes place in Brussels, Belgium at Palais 2, Brussels Expo. The entrance fee for adults, older than 12 years old is 15.90€, for children between 5 and 12 year old is 12.90€ and the family ticket which includes two adults and 2 children is for 50€.

If you want to know more about Titanic, then you could also pay a visit to Belfast to visit the permanent Titanic Museum located there.