Night of the Museums

Most nights are quite similar. We eat our supper, brush our teeth, and then we go to bed. But, then you have some nights that are different, and if you are a museum lover, then the Night of the Museum might be the best night of the year. On this night, the museums of Brussels come to life and you can visit many of them and experience special exhibitions and programs in many of the best museums of Brussels.

It has been a quite long tradition to have nights in which museums are open worldwide, but the concept received a gigantic boost after Ben Stiller became a guard in the funny and deeply loved Night at the Museum movies.

You can find more information about the upcoming event at There you can find out which museums participate in the event and what’s included as you pay the fee to enjoy the program.

Night of the Museums 2024

Date: October 19

What kind of museums are worth visiting in Brussels?

Not all the museums partake in the Night of the Museums, but here we will quickly share information about ten interesting museums in Brussels.

  • The Magritte Museum, dedicated to the surrealist artist René Magritte, captivates visitors with its enigmatic paintings.
  • For comic strip enthusiasts, the Belgian Comic Strip Center showcases the nation’s rich comic book heritage.
  • History buffs can delve into the Royal Museums of Art and History, housing an extensive collection spanning centuries.
  • The Musical Instruments Museum is a treat for both music lovers and architecture enthusiasts, with its impressive Art Nouveau building and an eclectic array of instruments.
  • Science aficionados will find joy in the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, home to rare plant species within stunning glass structures.
  • The Horta Museum, located in Victor Horta’s former residence, showcases the masterpieces of Belgium’s famous Art Nouveau architect.
  • Autoworld exhibits an impressive collection of vintage cars, while the Train World Museum celebrates the history of trains in an interactive and family-friendly environment.
  • The BELvue Museum delves into Belgium’s history and monarchy, offering insight into the nation’s past.
  • The MIMA, or Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, embraces contemporary and street art, adding a modern twist to Brussels’ cultural landscape.

Did you just read about one or more museums that you would like to visit in Brussels? Look at the official website of the night of the museums and find out if your selected museums are included in the program or not.