Belgium on the right track in Euro 2016

After a sad start on Euro 2016 with a loss against Italy Belgium is now back on track and they have been incredibly lucky with everything. In their first match in the knockout stage they will play against Hungary, maybe the biggest surprise in the entire tournament, who won their group in front of Iceland, Portugal and Austria.

Most people will say that Belgium is very lucky to play against Portugal in their upcoming match. Before Euro 2016 most people said that Hungary was among the worst teams in the entire tournament, and on the paper that might be true, but so far in the tournament they have played some fantastic football and their last group stage match against Portugal was probably the funniest match to watch so far during the entire tournament and it was the match with most goals so far (it ended 3-3).

The match against Hungary will be played on June 26th at 21.00 and there is little doubt about the fact that Belgium are big favorites in front of the match. But, can Lukaku, de Bruyne and Hazard impress and play fantastic football when it is more important than ever? Or can Hungary surprise once again?

If you want to watch the match between Belgium and Hungary online then you can follow the instructions in this article to find out how it is done. The article will tell you how to watch the match on UK and German TV. To watch the match on Hungarian TV this article will tell you how it is done (in Hungarian).

We will of course cheer for Belgium in this match, but let us hope more than anything that there will be loads of goals, a fantastic match, a great atmosphere and that it will be a match to remember for a long time!

And great news for the winning team, because they will play against the winner of the Wales vs Northern Ireland match in the quarter final. Some people will call this an easy road to Paris and the Euro 2016 final, but time will show if it is as easy as some might say.