Beyonce Antwerpen concert 2014

Beyonce Antwerp 2014

Beyonce Antwerp 2014Beyonce will come to Antwerpen and to Belgium to do two concerts in 2014. The first concert will be arranged on March 20th in Sportpaleis in Antwerpen and the second concert will be arranged in the same venue, one day later.

The day after the Beyonce concert in Antwerpen there will be another highlight coming up as Backstreet Boys will stand on the same stage to amaze the ladies, maybe especially after the fact that Beyonce have amazed the boys for two days before.

Beyonce is one of the most popular singers in the world at the moment, and she has a beautiful and rough voice. If you ever hear her in the radio you can recognize her voice at all, it is stunning and dazzling. To hear and see her live in Antwerpen, use the ticket links for more information and the chance to buy tickets to the Beyonce concerts in Antwerpen live.

Beyonce Antwerpen concert 2014

Sportpaleis Antwerp
March 20th & 21st

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