Shakira in Antwerpen 2017

Shakira Belgium 2017On November 12th, that is on a beautiful Sunday in 2017, Shakira will visit Belgium and the city of Antwerpen. Are you ready for a day-trip to Antwerpen from Brussels to listen to the most famous Shakira songs?

Shakira will arrive in Antwerpen from Paris, a city in which she will perform twice. In Antwerpen, she will only perform once (unfortunately), but at least she will come. There are lots of nations in Europe that Shakira will not visit (for example all the Scandinavian nations), so we are lucky just to get one concert. Antwerpen is a city that you can easily travel to with train from Belgium, thus making this a perfect day-trip opportunity.

The concert will be arranged in Sportpaleis in Antwerpen, and it will start at 18.30. That is perfect, as the concert will then end quite early, making it easy to get back to Brussels again in the evening using the railway system.

Would you like to visit Antwerpen and go to the Shakira concert? You can buy tickets for the event using the link beneath. Don’t you have the chance to visit Antwerpen on November 12th? You could consider a day-trip to Amsterdam on November 14th instead.

Shakira Antwerpen 2017

November 12th, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

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Christmas markets in Brussels 2017

Brussels is one of the most amazing cities to visit before Christmas. The city is illuminated with magnificent lights, and it simply feels like a winter wonder. No wonder why the locals call the Christmas markets in Brussels Winter Wonders!

Unfortunately, Brussels has experienced some unfortunate incidents in the past, and for that reason, the Christmas markets in 2016 had to close down for a while. Hopefully, 2017 will be a year of peace and joy, and thus visitors to Brussels can fully enjoy the Christmas markets and the wonders of Christmas, without any fear and trouble.

Winter Wonders will be arranged between November 24th and December 31st in 2017, and it is an event that will color the entire city center of Brussels.

Winter Wonders in Brussels

As we already mentioned the whole inner city will turn into a big Christmas market in Brussels in the period of Winter Wonders. Beneath you can take a look at the detailed map which will show you exactly where the largest and most important markets can be found.

Christmas market map

We hope you will have a fantastic Christmas and an enjoyable trip to the Christmas markets in Brussels. Would you like to experience even more Christmas markets in Europe in 2017? Why not visit Prague and go to the amazing Christmas markets at the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square?

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Andrea Bocelli in Antwerpen 2018

Andrea Bocelli concert in AntwerpenOn January 20th you can enjoy cold weather and a fantastic atmosphere in Sportpaleis if you decide to visit Antwerpen. Andrea Bocelli will come to town, and even though it might be minus degree and a cold win, your heart will get warm as you listen to the beautiful voice of Mr. Bocelli.

It is very typical for big artists to visit Antwerpen and to have their concerts their, instead of coming to Brussels. But, if you are used to traveling a bit, that should not cause any trouble. You can get from Brussels to Antwerpen in about one hour, and if you live in a big city, you probably know that you can easily spend the same amount of time in your car within your own city boundaries on a day with much traffic and lines. So, jump on the train and travel to Antwerpen and enjoy the Andrea Bocelli concert on January 20th in 2018.

Andrea Bocelli Antwerpen 2018

January 20th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Did you know that Andrea Bocelli is a real Saturday person? Almost all his concerts are arranged on Saturdays, and unlike most other artists doing concerts every day throughout the week, Bocelli normally only perform on Saturdays. If you click the ticket link above and search for Andrea Bocelli, you will soon realize this yourself.

If you would rather listen to Andrea Bocelli in Prague in May and go to the annual Czech Beer festival as well, read more about those programs in the Prague Guide.

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Lady Gaga concert in Antwerpen 2017

Lady Gaga concert Antwerpen 2017On the first day of October in 2017 Lady Gaga will come to Belgium. Unfortunately not to Brussels, but at least she will visit Antwerpen.

Are you in the mood for visiting the city of diamonds? Want to listen to a lady who knows a lot about beauty and style as well? Visit Antwerpen on October 1st in 2017, but some diamonds and listen to Lady Gagy as she will perform in Sportpaleis. The concert is supposed to start at 18.30, but you should be early because of all security checks and everything.

The venue will for sure be packed, so hurry up and get your tickets in order if you want to be there. Once Lady Gaga has left the stage in Antwerpen she will prepare for her travel to Amsterdam, a city in which she will perform in the Ziggodome on October 3rd.

If you would like to be there at any of these events then you can buy your tickets using the ticket link beneath. Simply visit the website and search for Lady Gaga, and you will find the information and the ticket you look for right away.

Lady Gaga Antwerpen 2017

October 1st, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

For more information on how to get to Antwerpen from Brussels, or for more information in general about Brussels, look around here in our Brussels Guide.

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Anderlecht vs Manchester United [Europe League quarter-final]

On April 13th Manchester United will come to Brussels to play against Anderlecht in the first of two matches between the teams in the Europe League quarter final. Can the team from Brussels stop the super stars in Manchester United?

Belgian football is on the move and this year there are two Belgian teams in the Europe League quarter finals. Not only will Anderlecht play against Manchester United on April 13th, but on the same day Genk will play against Celta Vigo (in Spain). The return match will be played in Genk on April 20th, so if you want to watch the match as well, then you will be pleased to hear that Genk is less than 100km from Brussels, which means you can be there in about 1 hour if you drive quickly.

Anderlecht vs Manchester United

Review News /

The match between Anderlecht and Manchester United will start at 21.05 on April 13th, and if you want to be there, then you can buy tickets for the match from Viagogo. If you feel more than satisfied just watching the match on your computer, on your Apple TV, on your Chromecast or maybe on your mobile device, then you can do so on Fubo TV. To find out more about how you can watch the Europe League matches on Fubo TV, just press the link.

Can Anderlecht beat Manchester United?

The answer to that question is without a doubt yes! Manchester United is a great team, but so is Anderlecht, and will not be surprised if this match will end with a 2-1 win for Anderlecht. That might not be the best result, based on the upcoming match on Old Trafford on April 20th, but it will still give them a fair chance. All we have to say is Go Anderlecht, and of course… go Genk!

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