Parc de Cinquantenaire

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Quite far east in Brussels the “Parc de Cinquantenaire” is located. The name means “Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary” and is a beautiful park covering 30 hectares. The park has a beautiful triumphal arch in the middle of it, and this is surrounded by two buildings. Inside the buildings you can visit a large car museum, a Royal Military Museum and an Art museum. Inside the park the oldest mosque in Brussels can be found, and today this serves as a center for life among the Muslims in Belgium

The triumphal arch was planed for the national exhibition in 1880 to celebrate that it was 50 years since Belgium turned into an independent state. It was a fight to finish the monument, and in the end it was only finished for the 75 year jubilee in 1905.

To get to the park you can travel with the metro to the station Schumann.

Parc de Cinquantenaire

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